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FB dislike

Facebook is introducing the ‘Dislike’ button

Facebook is working on a "dislike" button for its posts. This was revealved by the company's co-founder and chief Mark Zuckerberg, during a question and answer session on Tuesday. "People have asked...
dont challenge hackers

Challenging Hackers Is Never A Good Idea

In spite of all the big breaches reported last year, Real Future’s Kevin Roose wished to find out how nicely he would fare in a personal pen-test. Issuing such a “hack me” challenge is...
whatsapp hack

XNSPY – A Software Spy WhatsApp Cannot Fend off

Note: Read the comments before you buy this app. There have been many problems reportedly and the software may not work as advertised and the support may not be there. We...
instagram update

Instagram finally upgrading their image resolution!

Until now, all footage uploaded on the favored Instagram service had been saved at a meager 640 x 640 pixel decision, actually not sufficient to make the most of larger and...
survey profile pics

An Average Profile Picture Remains Unchanged for 2 Years, Survey Reveals

An online local services marketplace conducted a survey of 2,000 Britishers, which revealed that on average, social media profile pictures are up to 2 years old. Social media has a great influence...