Black and Blue RunPhones

As technology freaks and audiophiles, we have gone through probably a hundred different headphones. Many people use earphones every day. Yet if you were to ask them, or at least us, what is the one thing you just cannot stand about them, you are going to get an answer such similar to– ‘I hate the fact that they fall off easily’ or that ‘they do not fit in my ears quite securely’ or the worst ‘one side just stopped working!’ and most probably you have experienced that too.

Update: Acoustic Sheep is now launching an even better version of SleepPhones, with wireless charging and mic built in! For details, check out their Kick Starter Page!

Now, what if we were to tell you that there are earphones that fit securely, no matter how fast you are running, or even hanging upside down from a bar? And no, they aren’t bulky like those firearm noise protectors! This is what the RunPhones are all about. We tried them out and must say we were impressed with how well they fit. We ran, and jogged, hit the gym (which we should be doing more often) and engaged in various exercises, yet they did not fall off. The reason is that the headphones are hidden in a nice,comfy, moisture-wicking and washable headband. There are several different colours you can choose from too, like black, blue, lavender, orange and many more.

Win a Free SleepPhone or a RunPhone! For details, keep reading till the end of this article!

Another reason why we love the RunPhones is because they have been designed in a way that enables us to keep them clean easily too. They have a soft, washable mesh or fleece, and the speakers are removable. They are lightweight, yet durable, and their design is truly innovative. The wire is very long (4 feet) and sturdy, braided cord. Moreover they are eco-friendly. The company that manufactures these is called Acoustic Sheep, and they are RoHS compliant.

RunPhones are very safe too. Even though you will be hearing your favourite music, you will still be aware of the traffic around you while you are jogging or running.

SleepPhones in blackRunPhones are not our most favourite headphones. They are our second most favourite ones. The top spot in our list goes to another product that the same company is producing, called the SleepPhones. Basically they are RunPhones without the cord. Yes, wireless, work via bluetooth. The speakers are embedded in a headband that is soft and comfortable to wear even while you are sleeping. (Duh, didn’t the name gave that away already?) They work well with most music players or smart phones and we must say we were impressed with their long battery life. We listened to an audiobook non-stop for 10 hours, and the headphones lasted around 13 hours on 1 single charge. It took us slightly less than 3 hours to fully charge them back again. Its a miracle how such a small device could last that long. The company states that they can work from a distance of up to 30 feet, but we weren’t that lucky. They worked great from 15 feet, but after that, the audio started getting jittery.

SleepPhone & RunPhones
From top left, clock wise: (i) Black SleepPhones with instruction booklet (ii) Blue RunPhones (iii) The think BT device inside SleepPhone turned on and (iv) BT device in hand

If your spouse or partner snores loudly and you have been having trouble falling asleep, then you should definitely try out SleepPhones. They block out all the snoring, and any other noise that might have otherwise disturbed your sleep. We Simply love their innovative design and there is no denying that this is a practical and effective idea for so many people who are deprived of a good night’s sleep because of snoring or other disturbances or noises. Thankfully, we didn’t have the snoring problem, but we do love listening to audiobooks while we sleep, so this is perfect. You can also listen to some soothing sleeping music, but that’s your choice. With traditional headphones, our ears used to get sore.

How do SleepPhones work

Designed by a doctor, both of these headphones are definitely the most innovative product in this line of business, as they solved so many problems in their own simple way. If you are looking for a cheaper option. the RunPhones are a must have. They retail for around $39. But since we hate wires (even if its a long & braided one), we definitely recommend the SleepPhones. A bit expensive, but well worth it. They can be bought for a little under $100. Multipurpose, excellent while exercising, great for listening to books or music if lying down. 5/5 stars without any hesitation.

Ok, time now for the good news. We got the headphones by the company to test for a review, and with their permission, we want to give away both ours to you! Yes, dear readers, you can now win (slightly used, like 20 hours or so, but professionally cleaned and repacked) either the RunPhones (in blue) or SleepPhones (in black). See below to enter the raffle. We’ll chose 2 winners, the lucky one will get the RunPhones and the luckier one would be getting SleepPhones for free! You can share the article and follow us on our social media using the widget below to increase your chances of winning. The contest is open worldwide to readers above the age of 13. (except Israel 🙁 Sorry, our country’s law don’t permit us to send or receive anything from there). We’ll be notifying the winners via email. We will NEVER use your email to send SPAM. In fact, we don’t even send ANY newsletters or subscription emails yet, and don’t plan to in the near future.

THANKS YOU for participating in the giveaway competition. We received 3300 entries from all over the world. We wish we could have given each one of you something!

Anyways, the winner (selected randomly using the app) are:

  • Joshua Craig (j*******@****.com) from Argentina (Winner of RunPhones)
  • Ali Raheemi (a*******@*******.fr) from France (Winner of SleepPhones)

Congratulations! The winners have been notified by email. In case we don’t get a reply within a week, we’ll select someone else. 🙂



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