A lot of people including some of the salesperson do not know what this kind of selling is about. You may be a salesperson practicing it but are not aware that you are actually practicing it. Funny right? So, this is a form of selling that involves building customer relationships and finding the required odds to basically achieve your set sales goals mainly using the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Most businesses practice this kind of selling with one common goal of making as much sales as they possibly can. Now that we have the definition, this article will provide to you some of the best social selling tools and practices that you can apply to achieve your dream sales goals.

The best social selling tools

1. Hootsuite

hootsuite-social media selling
This tool is used when you are sharing information on various social media platforms. It is among the best on the channels of social media because it also enables social hearing and social interactions with the anticipations on the channels.

2. Melt water
This tool mainly is used for social examination and also for hearing on the channels.

3. Mi8 Marketing
It is used by sales people to come to terms with a buyer’s expectation. This, they are able to do because the tool helps in the creation of profiles for customers.

4. Nimble

This tool keeps you on track and updated on what is latest on the social media because it puts together CRM, one of the best social media softwares, with the social channels.

5. Linkedin sales navigator
Through the creation of profiles belonging to customers and investors, this tool helps salespeople start conversations with the potential buyers.

The above tools help in social selling because they enable you as a salesperson to mark and oversee potential leads and also build and maintain relationships and to also maintain your relevance on the social channels.

Selling practices

The following are some of the best practices you can apply to achieve your goal as a salesperson.

1. Build strong founded relationships

On your social media profile, you should first make sure that you have created a good relationship with your new contacts because it could lead to a sale. This you can do by keeping in touch with them like sending them a congratulations message if they post that they got a promotion. You should also keep on checking what they post on their profiles from time to time. It could be more effective and lead to a sale instead of just making the sale advancement immediately after having their contact details.

2. Recognize any leads by listening and watching

A potential customer may share some information on their profiles that could help you identify maybe their taste and preference. Such information could be very important to you. Therefore, watch keenly.

3. Show yourself up

This is one of the ways of building that relationship. You should make sure that your profile as a salesperson is easily accessible so that when the prospects are searching for guidance on your field they can see your profile and reach out to you.

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In cessation, as a business or a salesperson and want to be successful in terms of the sales you want to make, then using the discussed selling practices and tools above is the best option for you. Those tools and practices help you reach your success easily and without much effort. You only need a social profile!


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