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What’s The Difference Between Cloud Application and Web Application

The many fundamental similarities between cloud apps and web apps make it difficult for one to believe that there some differences between the two types of applications. The cloud technology has...
use custom software

Why Would Your Business Use Custom Software

Custom software is a software that is made especially for a company. The fact that most ready-made software will not meet the demands of your business, there is a need for...
sample of circuit printed on polyester fabric

Fully Integrated And Washable Electronic Circuits Printed on Fabric

Researchers from the University of Cambridge, working with colleagues in China and Italy have successfully integrated washable, breathable and stretchable electronic circuits into fabric, opening up many new possibilities for wearable...
laser engraver for signs

Tips For Laser Engraving Signs

Laser technology has become very popular in the recent past as it guarantees efficiency and precision. Lasers are currently being used by signage companies when it comes to engraving and cutting...
Video Games and The Art of Losing

Video Games and The Art of Losing

When was the last time that you can recall losing at a video game? I don’t mean dying and having to reload. I don’t mean losing all your lives and being...
What is Cloud and Distributed Computing

What is Cloud and Distributed Computing

More and more people are outsourcing everything about their lives. This includes data storage. We use cloud computing and distributed systems every day, from backing up our phone and email contacts...

90’s Gadgets That Are Worth a Lot of Money Today

The 90’s was a fun decade for gadgets.  It was the first decade when cell phones gained widespread popularity, and consoles like the PlayStation and the Sega Megadrive were all the...
xbox one vs others

Is the Xbox Worth the Sticker Price When Stacked Against the Competition?

Have you been eyeing up a brand-new Xbox lately, wondering if it would be the ideal console for you? Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your existing Xbox and you’re wondering how...
why need work management

Why Every Team Needs Work Management Tools

Infographic brought to you by Wrike free agile project management tool
laptop memory vs tablet convenience

Why You Shouldn’t be Trading in Your Laptop for a Tablet

It seems like tablets get used for everything these days. You walk into the clothing store, and a sales clerk offers to show you the latest style on a screen; you...

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