Expanding the Marketing Reach of Your Business Through Online Wizardry

When you want to boost your marketing reach by accessing more people, and not just more, but the right people, then you’ve got to get smart about it. There are online tools that use clever algorithms to find relevant people for your needs. Some are free, others are paid tools.

Here are some ways to expand your reach through smart online tools.

Finding People Through Their Email

When you’re wanting to reach out to contacts to see about a joint-venture or to touch base or ask for a new sale, having their email is not enough. You need to verify whether the email is still good or if they no longer use it. Just sending an email out won’t get it done. It can just sit in an unused inbox unopened for years; or until the email provider closes their account due to inactivity.

You want to know whether the email contact information that you have is right or not. Certainly, the companies might not wish to confirm that information about their employees over the phone because there’s just too many email spammers these days. The good news is there’s at least one site that’s proven to be reliable in looking up an email and determining if it’s a valid one or no longer used. Check out The Email Finder for more information.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Facebook Lookalike audiences is a very sophisticated tool using a basic premise; finding likeminded people that fit a certain demographic and have similar interests. You can even target people with advertising focused on Facebook minutes of video watched on a certain topic that’s relevant to your market.

Reaching out to lookalike audiences is an impressive way to take people already interested in a topic or your service and give them a nudge towards your offering. It’s the opposite of taking out a full-page advert in a glossy magazine that hits the demographic on the head, but other than that is largely untargeted with a poor response rate. Also, targeting similar audiences tends to boost the response rate considerably vs big media ads and general online advertising.

Using Reddit Intelligently

Reddit is a huge opportunity for businesses that know how to use the service the right way. The site is one of the largest on the internet and goes back over a decade. It was founded on the idea that people would vote for which stories or posts were worthy and which were not. That hasn’t changed much.

There are subreddits on every possible subject you can think of. Depending on what niche you’re into, they’ll be a subreddit for it. Each subreddit has rules about who can post. Some require you to build up a certain number of ‘upvotes’ before you can post there. Others allow external links as long as they’re useful and not overly promotional. You must weave between the lines and understand the rules, but if you get your point across, it’s possible to drive a huge amount of interested traffic to your website. The trick is to post useful opinions regularly and offer helpful, supportive comments in the subreddit first. That way, the odd somewhat promotional post doesn’t ruffle too many feathers. Most people just don’t want to invest the time, but the traffic potential of Reddit is huge.

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With clever use of technology to move a business forward, it’s possible to expand quickly. Sometimes spotting an opportunity to reach out to the right people works until it becomes too popular and the site closes that avenue completely. No matter. People who are tech-savvy find many new ways each month to expand the reach of their business. They’re desperate to avoid their business standing still at all costs.


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