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Until now, all footage uploaded on the favored Instagram service had been saved at a meager 640 x 640 pixel decision, actually not sufficient to make the most of larger and higher shows like Retina. Just some months in the past, that decision was worse than the 640s, it was 615 x 615! Many customers have been complaining of high quality and measurement discount in photographs uploaded to Instagram.

Well, on 3rd July 2015, it seems, Instagram has began addressing that very situation, as pictures sent to the popular image sharing app are now being saved in a better 1080 x 1080 size. This means the quality (if measuring by number of pixels) will increase by almost 3 times! Although, still not at par with high end devices, the upgrade is still significant.

This change isn’t ‘official’ yet. The higher-resolution photos aren’t yet being displayed as such by Instagram, which maintains its smaller default for now. But a quick look at the source code reveals that new images uploaded to it are being saved in 1080 x 1080 pixels. We expect that Instagram will soon announce the update, possibly in the coming weeks, along with changes to its API. There has been no word by Instagram on this development

To see the 1080px pictures on Instagram, use a browser to open up an Instagram photo page’s source code, then search for “.jpg” inside it. The first result ought to be the URL to the larger version of the image. It may look something like this:
These aren’t merely 640px photos stretched out to fill the larger canvas; but genuinely higher quality pictures. Even the present version of Instagram’s apps are storing the images in this higher quality, so an app update won’t be needed.
Comparison: Instagram’s older 640px vs the newer 1080px

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