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Are you in need of some extra cash but always tied up at your day job? Well if you are, then we have some good news for you because you can now make those extra bucks from your office and without having to move a finger through drop shipping. If it’s your first time to come across that word, then don’t panic because we are about to let you know all that you need to know.

What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a method offered by wholesalers such as Shopify and one which makes things easy for those who wish to trade online but don’t have the money to purchase and stock inventory. So how does it work? When a customer makes an order, the retailer receives payment, offers a receipt to the client and also obtains all the delivery information of the customer. He/she then forwards the order information to the wholesaler who will then deal with the deliveries and anything related to the order and ensure that it reaches the shopper. It tops the list of business ideas that make money.

Benefits of drop shipping

Although the benefits of drop shipping are well documented online ion various places, read below to see them nicely put together in an easy to understand format:

  • Easy to start

The retailer doesn’t need hundreds in the capital, and neither do they need a warehouse to stock inventory. That means, as a retailer, all you need to do is set up a website and start selling.

  • Offers a platform to sell more

Most shoppers prefer purchasing from an online store which has a diverse array of products in comparison to those with just a few. Additionally, having a store which offers a variety tends to attract shoppers from all fields. Drop shopping gives you that chance as it provides an opportunity for you to keep a comprehensive product catalog and also allows you to stock whichever goods you wish thus in one way or another helps fulfill the desire of many retailers who want to trade in specific products but lack the financial stability to do so.

  • Boosts traffic to your site

The more extensive your product catalog, the more shoppers you attract and the more your website traffic. That offers you an opportunity to supplement your existing product with the other drop shipped products that are on your site hence increasing your income. Additionally, it prepares greener pastures for your future online business because starting and successfully growing an online business with your products is quite hectic but with drop shipping, you are not using your products hence offers you enough time to build your site for future.

  • Flexible

As mentioned earlier, drop shipping doesn’t require you to quit your day job as all you need is excellent IT skills to optimize your website for higher rankings and a stable internet connection to deal with the orders. That means you can do it from any part of the world and at your free time. In other words, drop shipping is the perfect definition of convenience.

How to find products to sell

Now that you are aware of what drop shipping is and its benefits, the hard part is how you choose the perfect products mainly because you are spoilt for choice with the numerous products out there. Well below are some of the characteristics of a good drop shipping product.

– It should not be too expensive.

– It should not be easy to find because that means shoppers can easily find it on other sites.

– Engaging in a way that it entices buyers.

– Does not require too much research, i.e., the buyer does not have to look for background info before buying it as that might turn them off.

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Where do I start?

Have a look at the following resource for some great ideas on what to sell – We live in an era of technology, and everything is trouble-free, and as such, drop shipping your products should not be an uphill task. Nowadays there are apps such as Oberlo which make the entire process trouble-free. Once you set up your Shopify online store, download the app and link it to your store. Anytime your store receives an order, the shipping or delivery process is done directly without you having to login into your Shopify store to finalize. In short, Oberlo makes it possible for you to receive the order information and forward it to your wholesaler on the same platform. That makes drop shipping a walk in the park and minimizes time wastage.


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