How to Up Your YouTube Game

Despite the recent turmoil and changes in YouTube’s own algorithm, YouTube is still the largest video sharing platform today. Content creators are trying to win the attention of millions of viewers. Some even turn YouTube into a business and a fulltime job.

As more creators join the platform, it is only natural that the landscape becomes more competitive. You have to stand out from the crowd to be successful on YouTube. These next several tips will help you do just that and up your YouTube game to the next level.

Boosting Production Value

Forget about saving for a Red Epic or spending thousands on a full-frame camera. Sure, better gear can make producing high-quality videos easier, but you should never let your camera gear limit your production value.

What you should be focusing on is making the most out of your investment. Instead of going for the most expensive gear, you can get better value by looking into the best cameras for the money. You can also add additional tools; a sturdy tripod and a good slider will go a long way.

Other things you can do to boost production value is using DIY tips and tricks to your advantage. Need to add movement to your videos? Learn about tripod tricks and DIY tips to produce awesome shots without spending more money.

Audio Is Half the Battle

Boosting your production value in order to make your YouTube videos more appealing also means recording better audio. After all, audio is half of your YouTube videos. Viewers are more likely to consume your contents when it has good audio, even when the video quality is rather limited. Videos with bad audio, on the other hand, don’t work at all.

You should focus on recording clean, high-quality audio as much as you try to improve the look of your videos. Thanks to products such as the Rode SmartLav+ and Sarmonic SmartRig Plus, you can do better audio recording using nothing but your phone and a good microphone.

Engage the Audience

YouTube is not a one-way platform. While you as a content creator are streaming information to the audience, there are also a lot of opportunities for interaction and user engagement. Asking the audience to comment alone can help improve user engagement by a substantial margin.

Don’t just stop at arousing responses from the viewers either. Take the time to respond to comments and interact with your viewers. You will grow your channel at a faster pace this way.

Utilize Other Platforms

While hashtags and keywords can help increase your videos’ exposure, they are not the only tools available to aspiring content creators. Similar to growing a website, you can stage your own digital marketing campaign and rely on instruments such as SEO and social media to further increase the reach of your videos.

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YouTube may be a competitive playing field, but new creators are being discovered and reaching new heights every day. With the tips and tricks we covered in this article, you too can grow your channel, improve the contents you share, and achieve the level of success you are aiming for.


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