bread cutting

Ever wanted to toast bread while cutting it?

It’s from the future! There’s a scene in the 2005 The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie where a lightsaberish bread knife is not only able to slice a loaf, it toasts it at the same time. That was carried out with special effects, but a crazy British inventor Colin Furze has gone and built a similar contraption in real-life, and his creation works. Called the FurzoToasto, it is an electric knife that toasts bread while it slices.

toasting knife

Using a modified microwave transformer (Obvious Caution: Do NOT try this at home… unless of course you are a loopy inventor yourself), some copper pipes, and some heavy-duty wiring, the FurzoToasto simply runs a current through a saw blade until it turns red hot—visible when Furze turns all the lights off in his garage workshop. He demonstrates how to make this device in a brilliant Youtube video.

The cherry on top? Applying butter!! Oh, we are thinking, maybe it can cook meat too while cutting? That would be awesome2!


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