4 coolest gadgets for truck owners

There are few professions which are considered quite as quintessentially American as trucking, but the traditional image of the trucker no longer quite holds true. Advances in technology, as well as changes in our attitudes towards work, have completely transformed the lives of the American trucker. While some still pine for the good old days, the general consensus is that these advances have brought with them numerous benefits for truck drivers and have ensured that the industry has been able to survive and thrive.

In this article, we take a look at some of the gadgets which form an essential part of the modern truckers’ arsenal.

Solar Powered Water Bottle Cap

coolest gadgets: solar capThis is an excellent little gadget and it has a multitude of uses outside of trucking. This water bottle cap is designed to fit on any standard water bottle and contains a fully sealed lighting system, powered using solar energy. This is an excellent gadget to keep on hand, and unlike a flashlight, you don’t have to worry about the batteries running flat at the most inopportune moment.

Lebowex Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets are an essential accessory for anyone who is spending long periods of time on the road. They allow drivers to communicate with others safely and without distracting their attention from the road.

best bluetooth headset

The Lebowex is among the most comfortable and stylish of these devices, some of which can make the wearer a little silly, to say the least. Its also one of the best selling and highest rated on Amazon.

The best part about this headset is that it has active noise cancellation for driving, resulting in a crystal clear voice. When not in use, the Lebowex headset can be stored in a unique PC carrying case, which protects the headset from damaging and losing. It has an 8-10 hours of working time (and gets fully charged in only 1.5 hours using quick charge). It’s universally compatible bluetooth V4.1 headset. Finally, it also has a 1 year guarantee (that most other headsets don’t have).

Koolatron 12-Volt Travel Cooler

Koolatron cooler
Koolatron’s Kool Kaddy Cooler

One of the biggest hazards to a truckers’ health is the food that they eat. While on the road, it is very easy to fall into the habit of eating all your meals at truck stops. Such an unbalanced diet can rapidly catch up with you and end up sending your health downhill without you even realizing it.

The best solution to this problem is to prepare your own food. When you control your diet, you can make sure that it is well-rounded and contains everything you need. The Koolatron is powered by the cigarette lighter in your cab. It can sit horizontally or vertically for use as chest or upright fridge, and includes a removable shelf. It allows you to keep meals that you have prepared at home, water or drinks etc cool (or warm) so that they don’t spoil after a number of days on the road.

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Moleskin Passion Hard Cover Travel Journal

Moleskine Passion Journal
Moleskine Passion Journal

Being on the road means that you will get to see the full range of sights and landscapes that the United States has to offer. It is worth investing in a good, durable notebook so that you can record your thoughts and tales of your adventures. Whether you do so for your own reference or as something to share with your kids, this is an excellent way of preserving your best memories. Many truck owners also like to record some of the other vehicles that they meet on their travels, check out Black Smoke Media for an idea of the variety of trucks that you might encounter on the road.

With any of the gadgets above, the modern trucker will be well equipped to face any of the many challenges that life on the road throws up.


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