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Do you like free stuff? Who doesn’t? We digg Free Stuff!


Today, we’ll give you some awesome free stuff. Worth more than 100$ in total! So here are our top 10 freebies of the month! All links open in a new tab/window. So check them all out 🙂




1. Get a free Fiverr Gig! (Worth 5$). (If first link doesnt work, try this) You can many kinds of gigs for free! Get a brand new logo, SEO for your website, an article for your blog, an introduction video for your company, a voice over or audio for your book and many others! CLICK HERE. While you are at it, please do check out our friends BabaJee and Sundus. They also have some awesome fiverr gigs! (You will need a new account)



2. Get 10 free domain names! You can order almost any available .work domain, for example IamGoodAt.Work or etc. We have 2 partners, check them out at and


 suni host


3. Now that you have your own domain name, you need hosting. Get free hosting!  Register at the site, then order any 1 of the 4 packages. It’ll take about a day for the package to start. All packages cost zilch! nothing, nada!! Ample space, bandwith, cpanel and a load of other stuff! We are also using this and it’s one of the best hosting service. If you are looking for a paid option, then Hosting24 is THE BEST! Use our link and get 24$ discount!




4. Once you have a website, you’ll need some form of income. The best option we found is Paid4Click. They’ll pay you $2 for signing up, $1 for every referral and 0.1$ for every visit to their website from your link! This is the highest we have found. Even google ads don’t come close! So join now and get some $$$ without any investment!


ms dos

5. Some time to pass? Remember the old MS-DOS Games? Well, now you can play more than 2000 old MS-DOS games (including dangerous dave, prince of persia etc) for free from here!



6. Need a good CV/Resume for a job? Professionals usually ask a lot of money, but now you can get your resume done for free at




7. Want a free cell number, which can recieve and even send free sms? Signup at (buggy) or better yet, download an android app NextPlus. They’ll give you a free US number along with the ability to send and recieve SMS. You can even use it to register a facebook profile!



8. This one is a physical freebie (unfortunately, only for US residents!). Get a free sample pack of Everly drinks! Stay Hyderated 🙂



9. Get Dozens of digital magazines free (only for a month!) Includes all the famous magazines you can think of!




10. Last but not least, get a free audiobooks or ebook! Goto our store at https://gadgtec/cube [(hasn’t opened officially hence we’re giving away some free stuff 😉 ]We haven’t mentioned it but if you like any audiobook or book, simply email at the given address and mention “freebie” in the subject line and we’ll give you 1 free audiobook/ebook you want.

If you like this (and we are sure you do 🙂 ) please share this page with your friends. You can use the buttons at the bottom to share this page on facebook, twitter etc etc. Happy FreeLoading!

P.S: If any freebie is not working, or if you have any more suggestions to add, feel free to comment using the below form. We read each and every comment!


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