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Any news related to mobiles and smartphones. Could be the latest OS, the best features of the most recent bug

huawei-p9 back

Huawei’s P9 – An Amazing Smartphone With An Even More Amazing Camera

Huawei is trying its best to increase its share of the market in the world of smartphones. In order to beat the likes of Samsung and Apple, it is pursuing an...
mobile development

Choosing The Best Mobile Development Strategy

The proliferation of mobile gadgets presents big opportunities for business owners, however the mobile revolution begs a new question: " I've a mobile presence -- however is it the ideal type of...
qualcomm vulnerable

Once again, a billion plus android devices vulnerable

  Once again, more than a billion Android gadgets are vulnerable to a security hole in Qualcomm's Snapdragon chip that may very well be exploited by any malicious hacker to gain full...
credit card

Safedome – A credit card sized gadget to secure your wallet

Conveniences such as credit cards, debit cards, emails, and smartphones come with an inherent risk of identity theft. If the credit or debit card is lost or stolen, the person who...
2 smart wearable Dittos by SimpleMatters

Review: Meet Ditto – A cool & smart wearable bluetooth device

When I received a sample of Ditto (Sold by Dittowearable.com/ - Now also available at Amazon for $39.95) to test it for a day from my editor at GadgTecs, I must...
Google health smartwatch concept

Google Has Patented A New Wearable That Can Draw Blood

  The new wearable from Google may assist diabetics easily monitor their blood glucose levels and include a variety of different health-centric features. The Mountain View-based search giant has filed a patent for a...
washable phone

World’s First Washable Smartphone

  With regards to smartphones, cellular companies race to give you distinctive and latest designs. From waterproofing to fingerprint scanners to triple-SIM support, these improvements are making its way out to the...
Cheapest computer - Pi Zero

The New Cheapest Computer In The World – $5

Some months ago, you might have previously read about the $9 C.H.I.P, world's cheapest computer, that was made by a company called Next Thing. Well, last week, C.H.I.P lost that title...
top 5 android backup

Top 5 Best Free Backup Apps For Android

If you are using an Android device, then sometimes, you might want to copy files from your Android device into your computer. Or you might want to do a full backup...
E-waste Guiyu

Solving the Growing e-Waste Crisis

Electronic waste or ‘e-waste’ consists of electrical devices or appliances that may be considered non-functional, not needed, outdated, obsolete or electrical products that may have reached the end of their lifespan....