5 Gadgets You Must Have At Home

Technology is rapidly evolving with new gadgets being invented all the time. Some of these devices are discovered for home use hence enabling us to transform our homes into a “smart home.” Some of these gadgets make our communication or house chores easy while others are designed to reduce the expenses by maybe saving the energy consumption in the house.

The following are top five home gadgets that you must have before the end of 2017:

1. Google home

google home
Source: Google

Google home is a gadget that works just like the Google search engine except with Google home you don’t need a computer or a device to research for information. The device is designed in the form of a speaker whereby you ask it a question to get an answer. You can ask about a location, a lifestyle question or other problems. The gadget is equipped with natural language processing and learning machines that allows one to interact with it naturally. Meaning you can communicate with the device using any language. Get other services such as news delivery, translation of different languages and also other sports news.

2. Neato Robotics Botvac D 85 Robot Vacuum

Neato Robotics Botvac Robot Vacuum
Source: Neato

Say goodbye to vacuum cleaning since with Neato Robot Vacuum your work will be quite easy. This robot works in various settings whereby it automatically scans the rooms in the house for cleaning. The best part of the machine is that it completely clears everything on the floor including the animal furs. It is also designed in a D – design such that it can easily maneuver and reach all the corners of the house. It works just like the standard vacuum cleaner since it is has a potent sanction and a brush that leaves the floor looking sparkling clean.

3. Nest Learning Thermostat

nest thermostat
Source: Amazon

This is an ideal gadget for people who want to save on energy consumption in the house. The device adopts the temperatures in your house and how you like your house to be heated up. This in return helps you know the amount of heating that you need for your home and what to do to avoid over-consumption of energy in the house.

4. Samsung Smart Home Camera

Samsung Smart Home Camera
Source: Samsung

If you need to monitor the security and movements in your house when you are not around, then Samsung smart home camera is the right choice for you. The device is equipped with full HD resolution that provides a night vision of an area of up to 50 fits. It has motion detection which notifies you if there is anyone around your compound.

5.  Philips Hue Ambiance Starter Kit

Remodel Your Bathroom
Source: Philips

These are gadgets that you can use to upgrade the lighting in your home like in the case where you plan to remodel your bathroom. The bulbs are controllable whereby you set them to light up in different colors. With the Hue bulbs, you have the opportunity to select the shades of the colors that you want the lamps to illuminate in the house and also set a timer for the bulbs to change the colors.

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The above five are the most recommended home gadgets in the market. They are easy to control since the majority of the devices can be set to function automatically. Ensure you buy them from a reliable site or dealer for quality purposes.


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