electric tattoo

Nanotech ‘Tattoo’ Can Map Feelings & Monitor Muscle Activity

  A brand new temporary "electronic tattoo" developed by the Tel Aviv University that can measure the activity of muscle and nerve cells researchers is poised to revolutionize medicine, rehabilitation, and even...
Cool Ways to Use the Internet for Gift Ideas

Cool Ways to Use the Internet for Gift Ideas

We both love and loathe buying gifts for loved ones. On the one hand, it’s amazing seeing people’s faces when you’ve got them a gift they really love (plus, it kind...
Golden Silk Spiders

U.S. Military Testing Genetically Engineered Spider Silk for Body Armor

Spider silk is considered one of nature’s toughest substances, comparable in strength to the Kevlar plastic present in bulletproof vests but is way more flexible. Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, a firm from...
top ten emerging technologies

Top Ten Emerging Technologies of 2016

There are a number of pressing challenges confronting the world, and to solve them we'll need the help of breakthrough technologies—including nanosensors, 2D materials, autonomous vehicles, and miniature models of human...

13 Ideas For A Happier Office

Infographic brought to you by Wrike useful project management tools
deal vouchers

Looking for the best deals? Head over to

DealVoucherz: Purchase with Satisfaction While cold cash and credit cards are the way to go when shopping for your personal needs, it is found out by consumer behavior research groups and experts...

Considerations when choosing the next printer for your business

  The paperless revolution is upon us for years, sure. However, sometimes we still need to get documents off from the computer onto a paper – especially for businesses. So how do...
run two whatsapp in one phone

How to Use Two Whatsapp in one phone (No Root Required)

  Do you use dual sim mobile and always wonder if you could use two Whatsapp in one phone, or even two Telegram, or Instagram or any other app, then this is...
Electricity Free Air Cooler

Make An Electricity Free Air Cooler – Its Simple & Green

  You may have seen many air coolers that use a simple electric fan and cold water or ice to make an air conditioner. Those are cheap to make, but maintaining/running them...
ISPs trump google

ISPs Trump Google with Super Fast Broadband

  While Google has been working hard to connect a variety of communities throughout the nation with super high speed Google Fiber, it is being trumped by competitors like AT&T and Comcast...