Project Management Crisis

How to Handle a Project Management Crisis

Infographic brought to you by Wrike online task management tool
How to use your iPhone as Wi-Fi Hotspot

How to Use Your iPhone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Modern smartphones today are able to be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Essentially what this means is using the data from your mobile phone plan to be used by other devices,...
New Computer Chips

Silicon In Pc Chips Might Be Changed by A New Materials

Silicon Is The King At the forefront of computing technology for decades, the reign on silicon chips may soon be over, as chip designers at present are looking for other materials that offer extra options and more wonderful...
this week in science september 2016

Brief: This Week In Science – 10th to 16th September 2016

Energy Scotland unveiled a turbine for the world's first large scale tidal energy farm. Source: The Guardian Neuroscience Brain-Machine interface enables monkeys to type a passage from Shakespeare. Source: Factor Space ESA's Gaia spacecraft tool its first sky...

Actionable Tips to Protect the Most Sensitive Personal Data on Your Computer

A personal computer serves a dual purpose. On one hand, it allows users to access games, browse the internet, and seek other forms of entertainment. On the other hand, it gives...

How to Protect Yourself From Ransomware – Everything You Need To Know

The new scam pulled off by hackers is called ransomware and it's just what it sounds: the hacker uses a malware sent to you via email in order to block you...
How broadband in boosting the economy in the UK

How Broadband is Boosting the Economy

The internet has become a vital tool for UK businesses; particularly in more rural areas. Providing more than just simple convenience for customers, ensuring businesses have access to a high-speed connection...
projects post mortem

The Cure for Project Failure – by Wrike Project Management Software

Is your company among the 70% of organizations that suffered at least 1 failed project in the past year? With companies losing $109 million for every $1 billion invested in projects...
keysniffer keyboard hacker

Hackers Can Snoop on Wi-Fi Keyboards From Many Meters Away

A number of popular manufacturers of wireless keyboards have been betraying their owners, broadcasting their keystrokes for savvy hackers to intercept from hundreds of meters away. According to research published yesterday by Bastille, a...
electric tattoo

Nanotech ‘Tattoo’ Can Map Feelings & Monitor Muscle Activity

  A brand new temporary "electronic tattoo" developed by the Tel Aviv University that can measure the activity of muscle and nerve cells researchers is poised to revolutionize medicine, rehabilitation, and even...