fob remote range

This one sounds so preposterous, it’ll certainly strike you as nonsense — however, it actually works.

If you hold your automobile’s remote control against your head, you’ll be able to lock and unlock your car from much farther away than your remote usually allows. Depending on the automobile model and your body composition, chances are you’ll acquire as much as 30 meters of extra range (about the length of 6 cars).

When this tip is passed around on-line, folks often recommend holding the fob underneath your chin. However, you’ll most likely find that something fleshy, like your cheeks, works better than something bony, like your forehead

That’s as a result of behind the scenes — or, rather, inside the scenes — the fluids of your head act as a conductor. Your body turns into a part of the antenna — a much larger one, than the one inside the fob. For those who’re old enough to recollect when TV units had “rabbit ears” antennas, you might recall that you sometimes obtained the clearest image if you were touching the antenna. A similar principle applies here.

For a demonstration, you can check this old YouTube video below

Extend your key fob’s wireless range. Now if only the same thing worked for extending the range of our laptops Wi-Fi or cellphone coverage…


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