The perfect imacro script for addmefast – FREE!

Yeah, it works!

If you are really into social media, chances are you have heard of – Its a site where you can follow users on twitter, like their page on facebook, like instagram photos, pin a picture on pinterest etc etc and get points. In return for those points, you can add you own tweets or twitter profile or facebook page etc and they grow!

The issue is, most of these are bots, so its just increasing numbers. But sometimes, increased numbers do help! So here is a method you can automate all the liking/tweeting etc without actually doing anything and get many many points in return!

  1. Get a separate browser (its not necessary but its easier, because in that browser, all your fake profiles will be loaded. We recommend FireFox. NOT chrome)
  2. Make an account on
  3. Make fake profiles on Google Plus, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VK, YouTube, Ask.FM and Pinterest. Even if you don’t want/make an account in the above mentioned sites, its ok, the script will run but you’ll waste your time. At this moment, this script DOES NOT support, Soundcloud, Myspace, Vine and website hits. [So no use making accounts on those]
  4. From your browsers ‘Get Extentions’ or ‘Get Addons’, get iMacro
  5. Download the script titled NewBest Apr2016.iim from here. Its a very small file, about 0.1kb
  6. Copy the script to your documents/iMacro/Macros folder.
  7. Double click or Run the script
  8. Minimize the browser and forget about it 🙂 Enjoy The Points! Oh and after a while, do go to Bonus Points on Addmefast, as after 50 activities, you can get a big bonus 🙂



(Its a ZippyShare Link)




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