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Note: Read the comments before you buy this app. There have been problems reportedly and the software may not work as advertised and the support may not be there. We do not vouch for this app

XNSPY allows you to spy WhatsApp activities that are happening on the target cell phone. The best part is that you don’t have to hold the target cell phone to be able to see what the target person is doing with it. If the target’s cell phone is a jailbroken iOS device or an Android device, you just have to get five minutes alone with the cell phone for app installation. If it is a non-jailbroken iOS device, then it’s even better because, you don’t even need to access the cell phone at all. You simply need the target person’s iCloud credentials.

best whatsapp spy
XNSPY may just have eroded Whatsapp defences

Here’s a summary of things you need to do:

  • First, subscribe to XNSPY. For this, you have to pay a small monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription fee.
  • You will receive an email with the download link if the target cell phone requires a download.
  • You will also receive the link and login details for the control panel, from where you can monitor all the activities.
  • Once there, from the control panel you can access all the chats, audios and video sent and received, and you can see all the call history.
  • You can see all the people in the target’s contacts list.
  • You can receive notifications whenever specific people that you watchlist contact the target person.
  • You can keep a track of the timings when the conversations happened by seeing the timestamps.
  • You get alerts around the clock.

Using this amazing tracking app is very easy. You can access the control panel from your cellphone too. This means that even if you are constantly mobile, you don’t necessarily need a PC before you can monitor the target person.

Of course, WhatsApp and similar apps are famous because they have encryption. Only the people in a conversation can see the conversation, no other person can access WhatsApp chats, unlike various other chatting platforms and social media websites. Keeping this in mind, using this spying app allows you to tactfully access all the information you need from the target’s WhatsApp. If you are wondering how it will help you to spy WhatsApp activities, then here are some pointers.

whatsapp spy
Whatsapp – Is it really as secure as they claim?
  • Depending on the purpose of using this app, you can be an employer who wants to keep workers in check, or you can be a concerned parent.
  • Employers can make sure that their workers don’t disclose sensitive company secrets to others.
  • Parents can also keep track of the conversations their kids have with their contacts to make sure that they don’t share extremely personal and sensitive details that can threaten their wellbeing.
  • You can see all videos and photos shared with different contacts.
  • With the timestamps, making sure that workers pay more attention to work and strictly use WhatsApp during break time is possible.
  • Parents can also discipline their kids by making sure that they don’t use WhatsApp after bedtime.

Apart from watch listing contacts, you can also use the “Watchlist Words” feature. This means that whenever the target person uses specific words that you’ve added to the app, you will receive an alert. Of course, you cannot remain glued to the control panel; therefore, alerts are a handy way of knowing when the target person is discussing matters that he or she should not be discussing with anyone.

Conclusively, there is no doubt that with XNSPY, it is so much easier to spy WhatsApp activities on the target person’s cell phone in stealth mode. Moreover, this app remains invisible once installed in the target cell phone; therefore, the person spying can feel secure and maintain anonymity.


  1. XNSPY is the worst phone monitor software I have EVER used, the software is extremely unstable. It came to the point that the software wiped a device completely. XNSPY own description is very sumier. And the 24/7 support is NONE existent. The chat function is mostly not available. The XNSPY support is very slow and very unprofessional, and the product overpriced!! They are based in pakistan and try to censure my reviews. Shame on them!


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