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Free stuff & Freebies

Do you like free stuff? Who doesn't? We digg Free Stuff! Today, we'll give you some awesome free stuff. Worth more than 100$ in total! So here are our top 10 freebies...
dont challenge hackers

Challenging Hackers Is Never A Good Idea

In spite of all the big breaches reported last year, Real Future’s Kevin Roose wished to find out how nicely he would fare in a personal pen-test. Issuing such a “hack me” challenge is...

Air Force intel uses ISIS ‘moron’s’ selfie pics to target airstrikes

Who knew selfies could be so dangerous? According to the Air Force Times, Islamic State militants, who have allowed selfies, took some in front of a secret headquarters in Syria or...
whatsapp hack

XNSPY – A Software Spy WhatsApp Cannot Fend off

Note: Read the comments before you buy this app. There have been many problems reportedly and the software may not work as advertised and the support may not be there. We...
addmefast script

The perfect imacro script for addmefast – FREE!

If you are really into social media, chances are you have heard of Addmefast.com - Its a site where you can follow users on twitter, like their page on facebook, like...