The perks of Android App Development in the past decade has been powered ahead by easy to learn development courses and a shift of smarter brains from the hardware intensive to the software intensive industry. Reason? An air-conditioned work place and an attractive pay cheque – provided you succeed.And with the number of smartphone users set to breach the 250 million mark by 2020, we are talking about a sector in technology that is perhaps, immune to a potential economic downturn. And to keep you updated with the latest movements in Android app development, we have listed down some of 2017’s major trends…

Trend 1 – Instant Apps

Accessing an android app requires you to download it via the ‘Google Play Store’ which may be a challenge if you are on the run owing to compromised internet speed and data limits. Well, Problem solved! Instant App will allow users to gain quick access and download these apps from outside the Play Store through your smartphone’s browser. Considering the cost of internet, the apps will not be downloaded in its full size, but only in parts. Instant Apps can be tested on the latest version of Android OS, which is the 7.0 Nougat. However, in the long run this facility will be available on all the versions starting from OS V4.1.

Trend 2 – Android App Security

Google has plans to invest heavily in making its Android apps hack-proof. Let’s consider the earlier mentioned case about Instant Apps. Although it’s a new technology, its programmed to run on a model unified into Android 6.0 which is a protected and well-guarded feature. Moreover, the overall security of the app will gain tremendous improvements, thanks to automatic security updates which will request permissions from the user at every vital step.

Trend 3 – New AI-based assistant

ok google

Google has kept its promise which it made last year, by continuing to incorporate its Google assistant feature into the latest range of Android devices. And after much research, it turned out that the Okay Google command was more useful than Google Now. The AI-based assistant is able to converse with the user, clarify necessary information, and even act as a smart chatbot. And if the developers’ promises are to be believed, the function is set to improve further in the course of time with a lift in the quality of AI hardware.

Trend 4 – In-App Payments

android pay

It’s been seven years since Google Wallet, the mobile payment system was created. It was then upgraded to Android Pay which was more secure and advantageous. The system is perfect for storing the confidential data from all of your credit cards and the possibility to process transactions by simply unlocking your device makes it super user friendly! All you need to do is to place your device near the contactless terminal of the NFC based device. Transaction complete!

Trend 5 – In-App Search

Unlike common search feature, In-App function presents the Google search bar within the apps you have already installed. So far, Google has meshed this new feature into its most prominent apps like YouTube, Spotify and Gmail. However, Android app developers have assured to incorporate this ‘search element’ into a larger faction of apps, making it among the hottest trends of 2017.

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Through Android, Google is striving to be the best in its field and to leave its rivals far behind in the tech-race. Moreover, with an app for everything attitude, we can foresee a flurry of fascinating trends making its way into our Android devices.


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