8 Fun Facts of iPhone – Infographic

Like why the iPhone ads always show the time on the smartphone as 9:41

Since its release in 2007, the Apple  iPhone has brought numerous revolutions to the smartphone market. It changed the way how we use a mobile phone, from the way in which we send a text/take a photograph/view photos, to the way we play video games and listen to music. Up-till now, iPhone’s evolution is linked with more than 200 registered patents, which is quite exceptional for only one smartphone.

So how much are you aware of this wonderful smartphone apart from the knowledge you gained from news and reviews? Do you know that the iPhone was named Purple back when it was being developed? Motorola and Apple labored collectively in 2005 to launch a cellphone known as ROKR E1. The following infographic lists eight fun facts of iPhone that most likely you haven’t heard yet.

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fun facts of iphone
Infographic created by IOTransfer – easily transfer iPhone data to PC/Mac/iPad/iPod.

More info on the 8 fun facts of iPhone:

  • 1. Jarrod McKinney’s iPhone landed on top of a building. He used a GPS Tracking app so that he can find his iPhone. When he found his iPhone, it was even able to make and take phone calls.
  • 2. Apple reveal events begin at 9 am, and the iPhone adverts normally appear on the screen forty minutes later. They want the time shown on the adverts to be close to the actual time the phone is being shown.
  • 4. iPhone was utilized by 8% of people only in 2010, taking the first place among smartphones market.
  • 5. Apple was sued by Cisco for using the name ‘iPhone’ as Cisco had patented it first. Both corporations reached a settlement in 2007, agreeing to work collectively on products in the future.If you have any other fun nugget to share about the iPhone, do tell us in the comments below!


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