how to repair samsung phones

Samsung is one of the best phone brands in the market. They have great devices with awesome features. However, as the phone gets old you are bound to get some problems. These can really dampen your spirits if you do not know how to solve them. Check out these common solutions for your Samsung repairs.

Here are some directions on how you can solve some of the most encountered problems:

1. Overheating Of the Phone

samsung over heating

This is one of the most encountered problems in Samsung phones. The phone tends to overheat due to the large displays and large batteries. When your phone tends to overheat periodically, then you could be having trouble with your hardware. One of the things you are advised to do is to remove the battery after you have switched off the phone. Before you switch it on, make sure it has cooled down for about 10 minutes. Very poor batteries mostly cause the power problem as well as hardware problems. Always ensure that your phone battery is only from Samsung. If your device still overheats, ensure you report this to the nearest Samsung Repairs.

2. Draining Of the Battery

Samsung consumers have been experiencing this problem in phones with large screens. Active applications and the screen itself mostly cause this problem. These factors can help you prolong your battery life:

  • Ensure that the timeout of your screen is adjusted.
  • Always switch off your Bluetooth.
  • Make sure that the light of your phone is dim.
  • When you are not using your Wi-Fi, switch it off.
  • Ensure that you have disabled settings for applications that were previously installed.
  • Use wallpapers that are not live.
  • Always switch off your LTE settings.
  • Ensure that the settings of your location service are off.
  • You can also put on your power saving mode to better prolong your battery.

3. Freezing Of the Screen

how to reset samsung phone

When you find that the screen is not responding, the easiest thing to do is to switch it off and then switch it on. If the problem persists, just remove the battery from the back. When this does not work, then reset your phone. This is done by pressing down on the home key, power button, and volume up all at once. You will be shown a menu that will give you access to reset your factory settings.

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4. Microphone and Audio Issues

When your phone experiences some audio problems, you can switch it off and then on. Then you can go to audio settings to see if they are set correctly. If this does not work, you can just go to the back of the phone and make sure the speaker is not being blocked. The jack of the headphone can also be looked at to ensure that nothing is blocking it. You can always clean your microphone and jack by using compressed air. If none of these works, then your last option is to either replace your microphone or reset your factory settings.

samsung repairs

Samsung smartphones are so fun especially with the new and amazing features. These do not come without their own setbacks. A phone will always develop problems even when it has not aged. The best thing is to know how to handle these problems. If a problem is too huge, you can always take it back to a Samsung repair shop. You can then get your phone back to normal and enjoy it.



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