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Most people don’t know what nomophobia is, but they are affected by it. Nomophobia is the fear of not having your smartphone with you. Smartphone addiction is one of the most severe new epidemics, along with insomnia and stress. If you think you can’t become addicted to a device, well, think again! Half of the American adults are continuously checking their smartphones, and 1 in 5 young adults are tied to their smartphone, even when they are between the sheets!

Being addicted to the smartphone interferes with every single part of your life, just like cigarettes or alcohol abuse. If you read the symptoms, you will see how similar the two addictions are. Life without smartphones is now becoming a nonsense for the new generations, so you need to recognize the signs of a technology addiction.

  1. You always have your phone on hand

One of the most characteristic signs of addiction is keeping the object of the addiction close to you. If you have your smartphone in hand or pocket 24/7, there are high chances you are addicted to it. Another telltale sign is the continuous use of the phone: when you are not texting or talking, you still find ways to use your smartphone.

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  1. You can’t function without your smartphone

People who suffer from smartphone addiction can’t live without their phones. If they forget the phone somewhere, they have to go back and pick it up. This happens because they enter a sort of state highly similar to withdrawal and they panic when they don’t have their smartphones with them.

cant live without smartphone
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  1. You take your phone with you to the bathroom

SmartPhone in bathroom
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This is one of the subtle signs of addiction, but it’s a strong one. If you can’t be away from your phone not even when you are in the bathroom, you are definitely in need of a technology detox.

  1. You are constantly checking your phone

Another sign of addiction to the smartphone is the urge of checking the phone constantly, even if there are no notifications to look at. Some people even feel their phone vibrating or hear it ringing, even if it doesn’t. Also, if you are checking the phone first thing in the morning and the last thing in the evening, you are addicted to it.

smartphone at night
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  1. You are on the phone even when you are eating or watching TV

Phone addicts can’t put the smartphone down, so they are using so they are using it even when they are eating or watching TV. This habit is not only a sign of addiction, but it also damages your health. Multitasking is definitely harmful to productivity, in this case, you won’t be able to watch TV, nor pay attention to the phone. On the other hand, eating while doing something else can lead to digestive issues in the long term.

Smartphones are like ciggs
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If you do have more of the above signs, you should look for counseling or therapy, before your addiction turns into something really dangerous. There are many cases of phone addiction which lead to extreme depression or even death of the individual using it, either directly or indirectly.





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