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Snoopza app is the perfect spy app to clear your suspicions about your partner. In this age where finding another companion is only a tap away, you can never make certain whom your life partner invests so much time talking to. With applications like Facebook, WhatsApp and Tinder being the pattern nowadays, on the off chance that you are suspicious of your life partner, you could really watch out for their mobile phone activities. Some of the best features of snoopza app to track phone are listed below:

  • Track and Record Calls:

Spy app has the capacity to find out about all approaching, active and missed calls with their details on your partner’s mobile phone. This application can do that and furthermore enables you to record the sound of a call.

  • Get Screenshots:

These apps can even capture screenshots so you can catch any minute on the screen with essential confirmation. On the off chance that your doubts about your partner end up being valid, you will absolutely require some definitive proof.

  • Undiscoverable:

Spy apps like snoopza is totally undiscoverable in advanced cells. This implies once you have introduced it in the focused on mobile phone, the individual will never have the capacity to discover about this application

  • Spy on Chatting apps:

On the off chance that your mate is utilizing Viber, Snoopza app can track every one of the calls and messages made utilizing this application on their smart phones. It can similarly track all the sound/video calls they make on Facebook. If your partner is utilizing WhatsApp, it can record all the sent and got messages, pictures, and sound/video calls. It can likewise monitor their Snapchat messages.

  • Tracking of Location:

App enables you to track the exact area of the specific person or mobile phone. It utilizes Wi-Fi signals, towers as well GPS to get the correct area, at that point it conveys to your record. So anytime, anywhere you can get to know about the targeted user, that where he is or where she is. This is a good feature as well.

  • Information About Contacts:

App can also provide you access to the phone’s contacts list. It keeps working in stealth mode in the background without the user being able to know about it. Even when they change their phone’s SIM-card, it will not stop tracking. So once you install it on their device, they can never suspect anything out of the order.

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In order to get such app in your mobile phone you are required to do following steps:

  1. Sign up:

Create an account which makes you as a server, which will help you in recording your partner’s activities. Sign up using this link to use this app.

  1. Install:

Install the free following android application on your partner’s mobile phone.

  1. Sign In:

Login to your snoopza account using an e-mail and password to get started.

Snoopza app is a very simple app which will help you clear doubts about your partner and lead a happy life.


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