If you are a fan of modern-day video games, you might wanna see how it all started. You can get on a journey through time and play some of the first video games ever. It’s fair to say that some of these games have changed the world. Without them, the world we know would be a different place. So, if you are interested to see what people were obsessing about some 3 decades ago, play one of these 5 unblocked games!


Space Invaders

Space Invaders is one of the first widely played videos games in history. Its popularity was huge in the late 1970s, when it was released. The game-play is simple – you need to shoot down as many space invaders as possible. To you, a 21st-century person, this game might seem too simple, but remember, Space Invaders is for the world of videos games what The Beatles are for rock’n’roll – the beginning!



The game was released in 1980, but today is available online as an unblocked flash game. Same as Space Invaders, Pac-Man too is rather simple. But, unlike the previous game, this one is far more dynamic. You need to get away from the ghosts while moving through a maze. Along the way, you need to collect points, that is, food for your Pac-Man.

3-supermarioSuper Mario

This is the game that marked not only the late 1980s, but the whole history of video games. There probably isn’t a person on this planet that’s not familiar with the funny Italian plumber, who’s looking to save the princess, killing evil turtles and collecting mushrooms along the way. This game franchise is very much alive today, with the latest release being Mario Party: Star Rush from October 2016. Still, the most iconic of all Mario games is Super Mario Bros which you can play online.

4-street-fighterStreet Fighter II

Street Fighter II is one of the best-selling games in history, even though it was released in 1991. Good news is that you don’t have to spend anything to play it today. All you need to do to play this vintage fighting game is go to the school games website and chose Street Fighter II. You will see that, although the graphics has advanced a lot over the years, the premise of such games remains the same. This means that if you’re a fan of fighting games, you will surely have a great time playing Street Fighter II.


This game is the predecessor of all modern-day horror FSPs, which is why it’s considered one of the most influential games in history. Released in 1993, DOOM doesn’t stop to impress players with its interesting gameplay and grim graphics. The franchise is one of the longest-lasting, with the last addition being DOOM 4 from 2016.

Still, you can’t play DOOM 4 in school or in the office. What you can play is the original DOOM unblocked from 1993, which is available as an unblocked game at HorrorScaryGames. All you got to do is visit the website and start killing the bad guys from space.  😎




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