Space Invaders Unblocked – Free Classic Time Kill Games

Here is a classic old game, from the Atari and SEGA era. Many of today’s kids might not know this, but their dads (or even granddads) probably played it at some time! We bring 2 versions of this game, HTML5, and Flash so that everyone can enjoy it. Most modern browsers disable flash (and rightly so, as it can be very buggy) and prefer HTML5. But old browsers won’t be able to play HTML5. Hence we’ve also included a Flash version for them. So no matter where you are and what browser you have, you can play Space Invaders unhindered 🙂

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HTML5 Version of Space Invaders:

Here is a FLASH based version of Space Invaders. Unblocked for your pleasure. Use this if the above HTML5 version is not working.

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Tell us what you think. Would you like to see more games like this. You can contact us or msg us using the link below (titled ‘Looking for a laptop”..)