Play The Classic Game: Doom – Unblocked – Time Waster

Checkout DOOM, the classic game from 1994 (or was it 93?). This game does require Adobe Flash, which is usually disabled by default (and rightly so) in most modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox. You will need to enable Flash to play this game. We are also in the process of porting the non-flash version (HTML5 version) of DOOM but currently it is slow and buggy. In the meanwhile, enjoy this classic timewaster: Doom Unblocked.

Press the spacebar to get the start menu. Spacebar to open doors. Arrow keys (Up down right left) to move. Number keys change weapons. Ctrl key to fire.

Type in IDDQD for invincibility. Type in IDKFA for all the weapons.

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Do tell us if you wish to see other versions of classic games on our site!

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