90s gadgets worth a lot of money

The 90’s was a fun decade for gadgets.  It was the first decade when cell phones gained widespread popularity, and consoles like the PlayStation and the Sega Megadrive were all the rage with kids everywhere.  If you managed to avoid selling or recycling your gadgets, you could be sitting on a goldmine.  In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular 90’s gadgets that are worth a lot of money today.

The Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 Old And New
The classic Nokia 3310 on the left and the relaunched Nokia 3310 on the right

The Nokia 3310 was the first phone I, and a lot of other 90’s kids, owned.  You could store a massive ten text messages on it, and it had some pretty nifty ring tones as well.  However, the best thing about the Nokia 3310 was Snake.  The iconic game was played by cell phone owners everywhere, and literally did keep them amused for hours.  Oh and if you dropped it, your heart wouldn’t skip a beat. They were ‘solid’ and didn’t break that easily. While Nokia has now relaunched the 3310, those in possession of the original 90’s version could see bids reach over $300 on auction sites.

The Sega Dreamcast

sega dreamcast

The Sega Dreamcast was released in 1998 (1999 in North America), and was the final console that Sega released.  The console was the most powerful system available at the time, and over 600 games were made for it, including Sonic Adventures and Evolution.  Unfortunately, once the PlayStation and Xbox both entered the console market, Sega was unable to compete, even though many believed the Dreamcast to be ahead of its time.  That said, the console can now be sold for over $1000, and any memorabilia you have, such as the Sonic The Hedgehog jackets advertised on Game Sniped, can also reach a pretty penny.

The Nintendo 64

nintendo gaming system

The other big console maker in the 90’s was Nintendo, and the Nintendo 64 sold over 32 million units around the world.  Despite it being a big seller, anyone who still owns one of these consoles could sell it for over $2000 today.  In 2015, it was included in IGN’s list of the top ten consoles of all time, and there are still a lot of people who enjoyed playing James Bond and Big Head, in what were at the time advanced 3D graphics, who wouldn’t love to recreate those times.

Boombox Ghettoblaster

Boombox Ghettoblaster

Finally, we’ll end this list with the Boombox Ghettoblaster.  These were firm favorites with all 90’s kids whose parents could afford them.  And, who needs the convenience of an iPod you can fit in your pocket when you can embrace your inner Fresh Prince?  Anyone who owns one of the original 80’s or 90’s models could be looking forward to a paycheck of over $2000.  Now who said hoarding your old gadgets was a bad idea?

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The 90’s was a fantastic decade, and really marked the start of new technology hitting the mainstream.  Although the retro gadgets described above are no match for the gadgets we have available today, they have a fond spot in a lot of 90’s kids’ hearts and so demand high prices on auction sites.


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