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eelume undersea robots

New Snake-like Robot Janitors For Undersea Maintenance

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x57kuv0 Science has reached a new level of creepy with an autonomous ?"eel robot". A Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) spin-off company called Eelume created these robots to perform undersea...
Robot World Interaction

AI: Robots that can learn by viewing how-to videos

  Scanning several videos on the same how-to matter, a computer inside a robot finds instructions they've in common and combines them into one step-by-step series. If you hire new employees you may...

Boeing and “Hacking Team” wants to implant spywares via Drones

There are a number of ways in which government agencies, hackers and spooks can steal data from your computer, however Insitu, a subsidiary of Boeing, an American multinational corporation that makes...
jesus lizard

Robot can walk on water and jump from the surface!

A robotic Jesus Christ Lizard, that can jump very high from water   ​The machine seems to be impossibly floating across the surface of water when, all of a sudden, it whips its...
Feeling arm

Amputee Can Control and ‘Feel’ using a Robotic Arm

A brand new advanced robotic hand that's wired directly into the brain has been successfully tested, permitting a paralysed man to “feel”. The hand, developed by the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins...
smart robots voltron

New Smart Robots in The Neighborhood!

Science and technology is taking over the world with new innovations every day. If you Google the latest science news, you will see that science has advanced so much over the...