Seeing Ubuntu Touch transform right into a small desktop version of the distribution is somewhat weird, nevertheless it’s also revealing the immense power that is obtainable underneath the hood.

Canonical has been talking about platform convergence for a very long time, and it is one of the many issues that really got through. It is true that KDE has been speaking about this function for a while too, however their message got lost in the space. Microsoft also planned this with the new version of Windows but in the meantime, Ubuntu Touch is now a full fledged operating system that can offer a desktop experience and it is doing that seamlessly.

This isn’t the type of feature that is easy to make overnight and it took Canonical a few years to get it to work. The road from the drafting board to a functioning convergent desktop has been a very long one, and it is still not over. We should have a smartphone that is able to show us the power of the ‘Unity 8’ desktop in the coming months, so we know that the convergence plan is finally reaching a stable point.

You may examine the Ubuntu convergence right now

The flexibility to turn your Ubuntu Phone or Tablet into a desktop OS (kind of) is already implemented, and users need not do any loopy stuff. All you have to do is simply switch it on and enjoy the experience.

Ubuntu user Popescu Sorin made a very cool video exhibiting off a few of the capabilities available right now within the mobile version of the OS. He is using a Meizu MX4 smart phone, so there isn’t any way of using an external monitor. On the other hand, Nexus 4 is perfectly suited to do that with the assistance of an MHL A/V link.

You may also notice that there’s mouse support too, however for now the mouse isn’t visible. It isn’t a big issue, and will probably be in all probability fixed very soon. Keyboards are also supported if you wish to make your life easier.

See and Enjoy the video below!



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