satellite hacking

In case you’re a state-sponsored hacker siphoning data from selected computer systems, the very last thing you need is for somebody to find your command-and-control server and shut it down, finishing your capacity to communicate with contaminated machines and steal data.

The Russian-speaking spy gang often known as Turla have discovered a solution to this—hacking the satellite IP addresses of reliable customers to use them to steal from infected systems in a method that hides their command server. Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have found proof that the Turla gang has been utilizing the covert approach since, at the very least 2007.

Turla is a sophisticated cyber-espionage group, believed to be sponsored by the Russian government, that has for more than a decade targeted government agencies, embassies, and militaries in more than forty nations, including but not limited to Kazakhstan, China, Vietnam, and the USA, however with a particular emphasis on countries in the former Eastern Bloc. The Turla gang uses various strategies to infect systems and steal information, but for some of its most high-profile targets, the group seems to use a satellitebased communication method to assist in concealing the location of their command servers, according to Kaspersky researchers.


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