apache revolver

This distinctive Swiss Knife of weapon’s is known as the Apache Gun Revolver, also referred to as the Apache Knuckle Duster Pepperbox Antique French Revolver and it was designed and patented in 1869 by a Frenchmen known as Louis Dolne.

  apache revolver apache gun 2 

 It was mostly used and made popular by the Les Apaches, the French underworld figures of the early 1900s. A 9 mm revolver of similar design (without any official recognition) was allegedly used by British commandos during the World War II, although precise statistics about manufacturing numbers and technical details are still classified.

apache gun

apache revolver
Source: Wikimedia


As you can see, there is no barrel, due to which the revolver’s effective range is very restricted, however since all of its parts can be folded inward towards the cylinder, it is easily concealable inside a pocket.

apache revolver

It was common to leave an empty chamber with no cartridge underneath the hammer to prevent shooting oneself while having it concealed in a pocket, because the weapon has no trigger guard or safety. This weapon isn’t capable of being aimed precisely due to its lack of front and rear sights. Despite its limited potential, the revolver proved lethal at close range.

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