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We haven’t seen Star Wars like holograms in real life, until now that is. A brand new device called the Holus is aiming to change that.

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Important: Please read our update regarding Holus as well.

If you have ever thought that the apps and movies in your smart phone have been flat and lifeless, a company called H+ Technology may have a solution. It’s crowdfunding the Holus, a tabletop display that turns 2D content material from many sources into 3D holograms inside a glass pyramid which you can see from any direction. All you need to do is plug it in, after that, you may play digital board games, academic titles and many other types of apps. It is also set to incorporate functionality for eye trackers and even brainwave sensors. There’s even motion tracking that can ensure content follows you whenever you wander around. 

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The potential for the machine has already won folks over. It sailed past its initial funding aim of CAD $50,000 for its Kickstarter campaign in only two hours, and at time of writing has attracted greater than $254,873 from backers.

H+ hopes that Holus will revive the lost art of real-life get together with out making you revert to that Ludo game gathering dust in your attic. That’s a bit optimistic, however it’s difficult to deny the appeal of a living room holographic display that you can move around.

The Holus will be available in two varieties, Home and Pro. Home has two smartphone charging docks, whereas Pro contains an HDMI port and comes with an SDK tool, enabling developers to create software programs and apps for it. The company also has plans for upscale versions, having created a room size model to be used at exhibits.

The first delivery is promised around July 2016.



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