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cure type 2 diabetes

A New Drug Could Completely Cure Type 2 Diabetes

All over the world, the number of people with diabetes continues to be on the rise since the 1980s, with 422 million people diagnosed by 2014. The United States alone has...
Scientists Create Renewable Plastic from Christmas Trees

Scientists Create Renewable Plastic from Christmas Trees

The majority of plastics today are created from oil, which is unsustainable. This can change though. Scientists from the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies (CSCT) at the University of Bath (UK) have developed...
Golden Silk Spiders

U.S. Military Testing Genetically Engineered Spider Silk for Body Armor

Spider silk is considered one of nature’s toughest substances, comparable in strength to the Kevlar plastic present in bulletproof vests but is way more flexible. Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, a firm from...
ants compressed

Ants: Dual Nature – both solid and liquid like

Collections of ants have a outstanding capability to alter shapes and duties based on the demands of their surroundings. When floodwaters hit, they self-assemble and make rafts to stay alive. They will...
Golden Bug

The Golden Beetles That Use Poop to Defend Themselves

Meet Charidotella sexpunctata, or more commonly known as the Golden Tortoise Beetle.   These fabulous little divas look alien AF, however they're truly native to none other than—drumroll—yes, you guessed it (or you...