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Thanks to the rapid growth of tech startups and the increase in demand for IT solutions, there are more opportunities for IT specialists right now. If you’re looking for a new job or a way to push your career forward, you’ll find getting an interview a lot easier to do.

Of course, getting the interview is only the beginning. To actually get the job, you have to show what you can do in the interview. These next several apps and sites will help you prepare better for your next job interview without hassle.

Trunk Club

trunk clubThe first thing to prepare is your first impression; this means dressing professionally for the interview. For those who aren’t used to paying attention to what they wear, choosing the right outfit for an interview can be incredibly difficult.

Worry not because you now have Trunk Club to the rescue. The app acts as your personal fashion adviser, giving you tips on what to wear based on the occasion. You can choose the right outfit for the interview in a matter of minutes.

IT Interview Guide

Interviewing for an IT position means answering some technical questions along the way. The hiring manager interviewing you will want to know your level of expertise and experience through a series of probing questions. The tricky part is figuring out what the manager will ask and how to best respond to those questions.


To prepare for the interview, make sure you visit the IT Interview Guide. As the name of the site suggests, is a site filled with articles and resources about IT interviews. You can prepare for the interview with resources like 15 Yelp Interview Questions and Answers just a couple of clicks away.


This next app is perfect for those who need to calm their nerves before an interview. Pacifica is an app designed to help you relax even in the most stressful situation. It offers a wide range of tools and relaxation routines that you can practice anywhere.

With the app installed, try a few of the relaxation routines provided by it before the actual interview. You’ll be able to find the one that works incredibly well; remember that routine and use it 10 to 15 minutes before the actual interview so that you’re not too nervous.


Monster Interviews should be an app you’re familiar with if you are seeking for a job. Monster is an opportunity board for potential candidates, but the app offers so much more than that. There are sections on how to prepare for your next interview, filled with strategies and tips to help you get ready.

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The app divides an interview into stages. You only need to follow the tips for each step – pre-interview, interview day, post-interview – to nail your interview; the app will even suggest the best ways to follow up on the job opportunity after the interview.

With these resources at your fingertips, nailing your next interview should not be difficult at all. Start early and grab your dream job today.



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