types of boats

A boat is a craft that has been structured in a way that it can traverse in areas near the shore, lakes, and in seas. A boat can be used for commercial purposes, for example as a means of transport to transport people or even cargo and also for fishing. However, boats can only sail for relatively short distances. There are many types of boats. In this article, we will check out the main types that are commonly used.

There are too many types of boats used and therefore classification has tried to be done to differentiate them. Boats are categorized into three main sections;

  • Engine-powered
  • Sail boats
  • Man-powered Boats

A. Engine-powered Boats

  1. Center Console — This boat is around 13 – 44 inches. The helm of this boat is usually at the center of the boat on a console. It uses outboard motors for pressure.
  1. High Performance Boat — It has a high speed. This makes it a good option for racing. If you want to cruise fast, it is the best option for you too. This boat is light and has enough strength. It gets its power from horsepower outboards and also stern drives. It can also be a good choice for pleasure because it has Spartan cabins and its cockpits can hold 3-6 passengers.
  1. Pilothouse Boats — It is structured in such a way that they can also be ridden on rough seas if its helmsman is high and dry. It can be used for almost all types of fishing and also for cruising. It has a berth and a head and its powered inboards, stern drives and also outboards.
  1. Portable Boats — There is also another type of powered boat that is so small in size that it can be carried because it flattens and can be used on a larger boats, for example the inflatable boats which is so easy to carry and even store. They are best referred for boating learners and for leisure activities. An example of an inflatable boat is a rigid inflatable, made of fiberglass. It is fast and can hold much weight. It is powered by outboard motors or even inboard engines.

B. Sail boats

sail boat

These boats are used for sailing. The following are examples of Sail Boats.

  1. Cutters — It has more than two sails between the main sail and the headsail. Its foresail is structured to be in front and the forestay is rigged to the stem head indelibly. Examples of cutters include the Gulf star 61, Island packet 380 and Oyster 62.
  1. Sloops — These have only two sails, the foresail and the mainsail. It is used for sailing. Its rig is also referred to as Marconi rig or Bermuda rig. Examples of sloops include Moody 376, Nicholson 32 and Columbia 29.

C. Manpowered boats

Just as their name suggests, they get their power from humans. They include;

  1. Rowboats — They only have two oars. They are stable because they can hold some weight and still remain steady. The boat moves when the oars are pulled across the water.
  1. Canoes — It has enough space for two. It cannot hold a lot of weight compared to the rowboats because too much weight can lead to its instability.
  1. Pedal boats —They have pedals just like those of a bike. Pedals are used to drive the boat. They can be ridden on a lake and can be used for cruising.

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In cessation, boats mentioned above are only a few of the many types. There are so many other examples including lifeboats, banana boats, jet boats, kayaks, runabout boats. Your selection of boats all depends with your preference depending on the power the boat uses and its capability.


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