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Life sciences is an important field that overlaps medicine, technology, and science in an effort to understand more about our world. As the human race progresses, and more technological advancements are made, there are a few innovations and ideas in particular that could stand to benefit the life science industry.

There are a lot of exciting changes in the upcoming years that will make life sciences truly boom. The Lifesci Advisors want you to be aware of the current trends that stand to empower the life sciences and the individuals who dedicate themselves to it.

  1. The BRAIN Initiative

Also known as the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies Initiative, this is a research program designed to find out more and more about brain disorders. Specifically, scientists are interested in learning more about autism, Alzheimer’s, brain injuries, epilepsy, and schizophrenia. These brain disorders affect millions of people across the globe, and it is the BRAIN Initiative’s duty to gain more knowledge about how these disorders work, in an effort to cure and prevent them.

  1. Analytics Marketing

The technology niche that has exploded the most over the past several years has got to be the tools and apps field. More and more individuals, entities, and organizations are creating digital tools that serve a variety of automated functions and services.

In the life sciences field, analytics-driven marketing tools are being reproduced digitally in order to give science companies a more in-depth look at patient wants, needs, and thoughts. This is an incredibly useful tool that can help companies, including medical and pharmaceutical companies, understand how to deliver the best care to their patients.

  1. Scientific Optimization for Mobile Devices

Mobile optimization has truly thrown the world into motion. Now, people can access important data while on the go, all through access on their mobile devices. The life science industry has definitely jumped on this bandwagon, using mobile optimization to give patients access to their important needs whenever they need.

When implementing new marketing or research strategies, life science professionals are quick to think of mobile first. The fact that eCommerce has had such a large impact on the way people send, receive, and access information has made it pertinent for the life sciences to optimize their services for mobile as well.

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Nowadays, if a patient can’t access their medical information on their phones, they will likely try to seek a new doctor. In order to keep patients and companies happy, pharmaceutical and medical companies have made it easier for individuals to look at their information on their mobile devices.

  1. Patient Empowerment

Riding of the back of the new mobile optimization trend, patients are now feeling more and more empowered about their medical information and choices. Bak before the days of Internet and technology, patients had to rely on the word of their doctor in order to understand how to manage their health. Now, they can make quick choices and important decisions through the individual access of data. This is a great stride for the life sciences community, as it is enabling a stronger relationship of trust between the patient and the caregiver.

Bottom Line: Technology is Shaping the Way We Do Science

With these new technological advances, it’s never been easier for patients and life science professionals to access and provide information. People are eager to see their results while on the go, and doctors are happy to make information instantly available to them.

With new research projects, initiatives, and study groups, it is becoming increasingly evident that the life sciences world will continue to change for the better. The results of such a large group effort have truly paid off as we progress through a truly technological age.


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