Data Recovery Wizard

When you are occupied with work and you accidentally delete an important file then you may get into big trouble. You have to make all the efforts again to ensure that you have that important file back again. Imagine if you can get the file back with a few clicks. You must be considering it as magic but now this magic is the reality. EaseUs data recovery software has made this magic a reality. This particular software has now become an essential part of the professional world. If you are looking for such a software that could help you recover deleted files then EaseUS Data Recovery Software is the leading software currently available in the market.

How is it useful for the companies?

EaseUS is a software that has proved extremely useful for the companies that are running it. There comes a lot of scenarios where you delete an important file and it is extremely important for you to recover it because you cannot afford to lose the data. In this kind of situations, you will need a software that could recover your file.

If you are not going to have a software that could recover your files then you either have to collect that data again and compile it into a file or you might have to pay for it. So it is better to have a software that could save you from this effort and the cost.

How to install?

Using this software is a viable solution because it provides all the necessary options that you would require a free data recovery software. You just have to download the exe file from the its website linked above and run it. After the install the application, you will be taken to the main screen of the software. The software is designed with a lot effort making sure that non-technical people could also run with ease.

Options Available

The data recovery software gives you the option of scanning your computer so that you can recover your file easily. The options that come along with the software are as follows.

  • Quick Scan: The first option is the quick scan. This option allows you to scan your computer in a quick succession and find all the deleted files of your computer. You will select the required file and you can easily recover it.
  • Deep Scan: The second option is the deep scan. In this type of scan, a thorough scan of your computer is conducted. In this kind of scan, your computer is scanned deeply and deleted files are recovered.

Other attractive features of EaseUS Data Recovery Software

  • Windows Version: it is the premium data recovery software available on windows operating system.
  • Data loss situations: This software is designed to tackle different kinds of data loss situations.
  • File types: EaseUS provides you the option of recovering all types of lost files.
  • Supported devices: This software supports numerous devices which include PCs, laptops, digital devices, hard drive (HDD, SSD, USB, etc), storage media, server, RAID etc.
  • Lost partition recovery: EaseUS now comes up with an improved option of lost partition recovery. It is the only software that is going to provide you some exclusive recovery features.

If you have any comments or questions regarding the software, you can also ask us here in the comments section 🙂



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