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A VPN Account is now as essential as having a proper phone or e-mail account if you want to protect your privacy, stay safe from hackers, stay anonymous and make sure nothing is blocked or censored. Traditionally censorship was thought of something as only being done in certain countries but now many democracies or many locations, hotspots and ISPs have begun blocking services and content or various reasons.

Having a VPN is great for home, at work, business, as a student and there are so many choices and companies out there it’s important to choose carefully and wisely. It is no surprise that with many things, the absolute cheapest provider is usually not the way to go, especially in the case of the VPN world.

That is because it is strictly bandwidth and the provider has to pay for it somehow, the only answer for extremely low priced services is to choose cheap networks, cheap servers and to load up their VPN servers with as many customers as possible. Conversely, this sort of business often attracts crime such as hackers, fraudsters and other unsavory customers which means you are more likely to be blocked by common services when usign a VPN and the reliability and speed usually suffer in these cases.

Keep in mind that the cheap providers usually have less resources and know-how than established, mature providers who usually don’t charge much more when comparing apples to apples (eg. how many servers you get access to). A lot of the smaller providers are not intended for the long-term and it’s common for these budget VPN account providers to disappear overnight, leaving you high and dry. What’s worse is with such low resources, often the threat from their provider or authorities of action against them is enough for them give up your information to a third party.

pro vpnThe provider I have used for a number of years is the Pro VPN Accounts Service who have actually lived up to what they say, they have been around since 2009, their pricing is lower than most providers and gives you access to more servers. The kicker for me is their USA network, they have so many servers in the US that you are almost guaranteed to find the best speeds with so many servers in the US and around the world.

There are other good providers out there too but that is who I use and whoever you choose to buy your VPN account from, make sure you follow the criteria above because I have been burned before or paid for useless VPN service.



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