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In recent months, the popularity of the self-balance scooter (or the Segway hoverboard as the cool kids call them) has exploded with an array of celebs including the Biebs, Brooklyn Beckham, and even a Kardashian ditching their boots and heels for motors and wheels.

brooklyn-beckham-segway-board The eblade self-balance board is powered by two gyroscopic motors that use similar technology found in the original Segway but in a much more compact package. The inbuilt gyros maintain a level platform for the rider who controls the scooter by leaning on the smart pedal pads under each foot. The pedals are highly sensitive and require only the slightest of movements to propel the rider in any direction.

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The scooters have attracted the “hoverboard” title from the public as they make the rider look like they’re floating. The effortless appearance of using the scooter only takes a few minutes to achieve as the rider becomes accustomed to the controls. Most users pick it up in around ten minutes and have it clocked in half an hour. The main thing to remember when riding is to let the scooter do all the work and try and keep your body in an upright position. Once you’ve got that thought cemented in your brain, it doesn’t take long before you’re zooming around the neighbourhood.

Eblade Smart Balance Board Specs

  • Charge time: 2-3 hours
  • Distance per charge: 25km (15.5 miles)
  • Max speed: 12km/h (7.5 mph)
  • Weight: 11kg (24 pounds)
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Samsung lithium ion battery
  • Price: $799 AUD (561 US$ at the time* of posting)
inside of an e-blade
Inside of an E-blade: very well built with a large battery

How practical the eblade scooter will be as an alternative mode of transport remains to be seen as it may take a while before the public adopt the scooter as a legitimate form of transport. But if you take into account the growing cost of owning a car in many countries, as well as the rising costs of public transport; the eblade scooter does become a more viable and eco-friendly option. The rechargeable Samsung lithium ion batteries are capable of supporting a 25km range which means workers who live close to the city can easily commute to work and back on a single charge, reducing the amount of cars on the road and also saving on parking!

Apart from the practical side of the scooter, these things are unbelievably fun to ride, turning every road and footpath into an adventure as you cruise through the once mundane city streets. The scooter also comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers so you can pump out your favourite tunes as you cruise.

mini segway range

The eblade balance board is an absolute blast, and more practical than you think! So if you’ve got some spare cash and want a new way to get around the city why not add this to your Christmas list!

*30th September 2015


  1. How would I contact the company? I want this to work for my kids, however, I am concerned about the public concerns, I would rather not have a fire or damage to my kids. What is the contact information?


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