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velomobile car

Velomobile – Economical and Ecological Vehicle

At the end of the 19th century, across many countries in the Europe used a new special and easy to manage vehicle for their day to day operations-a bicycle. Various companies...
motorized scooters for kids

Motorized Scooters for Kids – What You Need to Know When Shopping for One

Times have certainly changed, and nowhere is that more evident than when you take a look at the toys, entertainment options, and gadgets available to kids nowadays. Where it used to...
ai and sci-fi future of tomorrow

AI and the Sci-Fi Future of Tomorrow

The robotics industry becomes ever more a newsworthy sector of modern day life, given that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its relevant advancements become more pervasive in the day to day. Be...
how to find Car enthusiasts

How to Find Fellow Car Enthusiasts Online

Whether you enjoy working on cars or collecting them, if you're passionate about automobiles, then chances are you'd enjoy making friends who are as well. Sadly, it can be tough to...
new car or repair old car

Should Old Vehicles be Scrapped or Can Modern Tech Keep them Alive

When you first purchase a new vehicle, you dream of many great times, a reliable vehicle that will get you through it all, and you definitely aren’t thinking about what you’ll...
technology find right car

How Technology Can Help You Find the Right Car

Looking for a new or used car a few years ago would have meant searching through the local newspapers and visiting lots of car dealers forecourts. Things have moved on a...