ai and sci-fi future of tomorrow

The robotics industry becomes ever more a newsworthy sector of modern day life, given that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its relevant advancements become more pervasive in the day to day. Be it in the home, in one’s car, or at work, AI is creeping with quicker forward movement to make the 21st century the era of substantial robotics development. When you realize that AI just cheated its way past the “I’m not a robot” Captcha security check this year (which was specifically developed to tell humans and robots apart), you start to appreciate the potential for science fiction scenarios frequently seen in movies, and put forth by authors, to become a reality. However, short of turning into a scene from I, Robot, there exists the other side of the coin in that robotics have helped to facilitate so many aspects of people’s lives that the waking, working world wouldn’t know what to do without this increasingly advanced technology anymore.

The Predictive Qualities of Knight Rider

One area most affected is the daily commute. Is that latest update to a favored model really necessary to purchase? Even SatNav is a thing passé almost, what with that instructional voice being over a decade old now.

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Indeed, today’s drivers have also Park-Assist (that somewhat annoying beeping video display which reaches fever pitch when still far from any true harm from nearing obstacles), not to mention automatic sensor lights (or dynamic headlights), and windscreen wipers activated by a singular raindrop, to take the apparent guesswork out of driving. Furthermore, that 80’s show Knight Rider is becoming ever more a reality, what with auto-collision avoidance software and Google’s recent foray into driverless cars. Even the series’ medical scanner seat exists today, in the form of Ford’s ECG Heart Rate Monitoring seat. In short, today’s vehicles are almost becoming too advanced for drivers themselves. If you’re interested in vehicles that offer useful rather than unnecessary gadgets, used commercial vehicles are equipped with tools to assist you in your daily tasks.

The Technological Capabilities of the Human Brain

Nonetheless, when a new development in tech is released people go crazy for it; have to learn how to use it, needing to “stay ahead of the game”. Indeed, Vicarious’ AI (the Recursive Cortical Network or RCN) may have overcome Captcha, not to mention the advanced reCaptcha too, but that is only because it mimics the human brain and its assimilative neurological processing of data. If man can think of it, he will create it. Although Kurzweil predicted AI outsmarting the human race by 2029, there still seems a long way to go before horror scenarios seen in films such as Ex Machina, or the mind-blowing HBO production Westworld, come true. Certainly, those real life developments observed and experienced in relation to the automotive industry are more pseudo-AI, based on voice and video, rather than DeepMind self-teaching robotics. That thought can only be a comfort, and an impetus to stay ahead before the potential “singularity” or convergence predicted by those high up in the industry might come to pass. May it be many years ahead.


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