motorized scooters for kids

Times have certainly changed, and nowhere is that more evident than when you take a look at the toys, entertainment options, and gadgets available to kids nowadays. Where it used to be that kids were satisfied with a bike or skateboard to get around with, today they are looking at high-tech gadgets such as motorized scooters.

For parents who are just about ready to bite the bullet and go ahead and purchase that motorized scooter for their kid, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind and be aware of during the shopping experience. This will help ensure you purchase a model that is best for your child, as well as the rather handy safety gear.

They Can Offer a Fair Amount of Speed

The first consideration is actually one that is discussed in an article on pointing out the fact that these scooters can pack a fair amount of speed. While that may be fine with you, it’s still important to know that going into the shopping experience so you pick one that your child will be comfortable with.

Typically the fastest non-professional scooters are about 15mph, which may not seem like much but once your 11 or 12-year-old is on it, then it’s going to feel mighty speedy to them. With that in mind, you may want an electric model that tends to top out closer to 10mph, just to keep the speed a bit more under control.

What About the Battery Life?

Another consideration is how long the battery will last on the scooter. It will be pretty frustrating to your child if they’re speeding around only to have their battery die and have to walk the scooter home. Look for a model that has a decent amount of ride time, and a charge that doesn’t take too long to complete. It’s not unusual to get anywhere from 30 minutes to 80 minutes, depending on the model you pick.

Do You Need the Bells and Whistles?

As you shop around looking at the various models, you’ll also find that they can come with a variety of bells and whistles. Items such as a headlight, a horn, and more. It’s really up to you just how far you want to go with the features, but remember the more you’re looking for, the higher the price tag will climb.

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Don’t Forget the Safety Gear

The final tip isn’t so much about the scooter itself rather it’s about the whole experience. Setting your kids loose on one is a bit nerve-wracking which is why you want to be sure you also pick up the right kind of safety gear. They will need a helmet that fits snug and properly and then it can also be helpful to pick up elbow and knee pads for the beginner rider.

Scooters Are All the Rage

While scooters continue to be all the rage with kids, there is indeed nothing wrong with getting out there in investing in one for your child. It just helps to be an informed shopper, so you get the best possible model for them.


  1. Very helpful article, I have just bought an adult electric scooter for myself and a little electric scooter for my son who’s 7 years old. We have so much fun riding together. It makes riding to school a breeze 😀


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