how to find Car enthusiasts

Whether you enjoy working on cars or collecting them, if you’re passionate about automobiles, then chances are you’d enjoy making friends who are as well. Sadly, it can be tough to meet other car enthusiasts locally without running into all sorts of weird types, and most of the people you bump into on the street won’t really know what they’re talking about. On the other hand, the internet is a perfect platform for finding knowledgeable and experienced car enthusiasts that are actually on your level, unlike Joe Schmoe who wants to help you swap out your engine this weekend over a few cold beers. With that said, here are 3 ways to find smart and cool car enthusiasts just like yourself without even leaving your home:

1. Sign Up for Automotive Forums

Joining a forum is by far the best way to quickly become acquainted with a large number of fellow car enthusiasts. On the busiest forums, you’ll probably find people that are located within 50-100 miles of your location, so it’s also a good way to find other local car people. You’ll also discover tons of DIY tutorials and links to the newest and most useful sites like After browsing the forums for a while, you’ll start to recognize the specialities of different members, so it’ll be comfortable to ask someone who knows what they’re talking about when researching a specific problem or matter.

2. Join Car Groups on Social Networks

Sites like Facebook often have local car groups that you can join to meet other enthusiasts within your county or region. Joining one of these groups is perhaps the best way to build up a network of local mechanics and people who can offer general and specialized advice on demand. If you ever have a problem with one of your vehicles, posting your question on a Facebook group is one of the fastest ways to get a vast number of helpful responses. If you notice that your area doesn’t yet have any good car groups on Facebook, you might consider creating one yourself as a page administrator.

3. Stay Active in YouTube Comments

As you probably know, YouTube has become one of the web’s best learning resources when it comes to just about everything, including cars. Subscribing to the most popular automotive channels and posting/responding to comments is a great way to start up conversations with other car enthusiasts about a specific topic. Plus, when you encounter someone interesting, you can easily visit their profile and add them as a friend.

Doing All of the Above to Build a List or Expand Your Network

Anyone who heeds the three tips above is practically guaranteed to wind up with a large network of fellow car enthusiasts in no time. Whether you’re a marketer looking to find a targeted audience or just a regular person that would like convenient assistance in automotive matters, you can be sure that the aforementioned methods are the fastest and easiest around.


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