LeSee by LeEco - Driverless Electric Car
The LeSee

The LeSEE, introduced recently in China by LeEco, managed to drive itself out of a shipping container and on to the stage with just a few voice instructions spoken right into a smartphone by the firm’s CEO Jia Yueting.

LeSEE driverless electric car
Source: LeEco

To be fair, Tesla can also be summoned through a smartphone, however not utilizing voice instructions, yet. But it is a big leap for LeEco, a firm that has previously produced smartphones and has zero pedigree in the automative arena.

LeEco also recently announced its funding in a three way partnership between Aston Martin and Faraday Future, a direct competitor of Tesla, further signalling its intentions in the area.

The front of the car features an LED loop that can be lit in different spots such as indicators or fog lights. The rear passenger doors, generally known as ‘suicide doors’ open from a hinge at the rear, versus the front.

Check out all the pictures of the LeSEE below:

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Inside, there are LCD screens all over the place right now – which suggests this is just a proof-of-concept for now.

However what this automobile represents is a change in the wind in terms of who the world’s largest automotive producers could be in future. Currenty, Toyota, Volkswagen and GM dominate the trade, collectively selling 30 million cars a year. However these numbers are going down.

The Chinese government meanwhile has been throwing incentives at indigenous companies to lead the cost when it comes to battery technology and electrical-powered vehicles.

They have also waived a previous law that protected home-grown firms from being gutted by foreign competition, as long as they put money into electrical technology.

That’s led to a growth in EV startups such as NextEV and CH-Auto who, together with LeEco, might turn the automobile business on its head. Especially given the scale of China’s domestic market has now surged past America’s to turn into the largest economy in the world.

Chinese EV corporations have also been poaching talent from the likes of BMW to help make China the electric car center of the world.

The first LeSEE electric car made its proper debut at the Beijing Auto Show on April 24, alongside a host of others.

Watch out Tesla. There is a new kid on the block.



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