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A magic spell may be considered as a state or form of words. It is a combination of words which are used to produce a charming or incantation effect. It can also be considered to be state of enchantment resulting from the use of certain words.

There are different types of love spells depending on which one the user prefers or has in mind. These types of love spells include attraction spells, marriage spells, erotic spells, relationship spells, and crush spells.

There are also friendship spells, sexual spells, obsession spells, and truth spells. More information on casting spells that work can be viewed at

Attraction Spells

Attraction spells are potent and deal with how other people view the caster. Due to their nature, attraction spells should be carefully conducted to prevent getting the exact opposite results. If an attraction spell is miscast or backfires, negative effects are obtained meaning that the caster becomes uglier instead of becoming attractive.

Obsession spells

casting spells that work

Although obsession spells are a form of love spells that really work, they can be quite intense and even used to induce love for material things other than people. The degree of strength of an obsession spell significantly depends on the power of the caster. There are different obsession spells such as obsessions for music, for shows or certain people such as celebrities.

Erotic spells

When erotic spells are being cast, the caster usually warns the person of the consequences because love spells normally have lasting consequences. However, the effects last for a few days and then wear off. It is also important to note that these spells have an impact on each other if conducted at the same time. The effects of erotic spells must first wear off before another one is cast.

Truth spells

Magic can be used to manipulate relationships and commitments. Trust spells do not require a lot of experience to cast them properly. However, these types of spells have a long-lasting effect. They can be cast by a beginner.

Marriage spells

Many people are faced with the dilemma of how they can get the people they love to marry them. When one learns how to make a love spell work, a marriage spell could be beneficial to make the person they love to agree to marry them. Since this type of spell is a commitment spell, it should be preceded by several commitment spells to strengthen the bond.

Sexual spells

These types of spells can be helpful for people who have sexual complications. They are a good substitute for enhancement drugs or surgeries. They should be done with a lot of caution since they can produce the opposite results.

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Relationship spells

magic spellsRelationship spells can be used to either build or destroy bonds. They are used to either weaken or strengthen relationships and friendships. They can also be used to destroy existing friendships and relationships. They have very significant consequences, and as such, they should be conducted by experienced casters.

Crush spells

These are some of the easiest spells to cast. They have little chances of backfiring, and their negative consequences do not have a significant impact. However, they are very tough to remove once they have been cast. The removal of their effects is also a complicated process.


Although these are some of the working love spells in existence, there are several other magic love spells.


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