why goto college after high school graduation

After your SATs are done and you are finally handed your high school diploma, moving out into the working world can seem intimidating, right? If you’re unaware of where to start looking or even what to look for, then maybe stop and reverse your life to the beginning of your last year in high school. Things are drawing to a close, but the choice of attending college and discovering a new life for yourself is calling you.

By reading this article, we hope to shed some light on the opportunities available if you decide college is the right option for you, and even provide some insight into methods of how to ease the pressure of the dreaded tuition fees.

Help Identify Your Ideal Career Path

Within American institutions, the ideology usually expressed is to make your college experience as opportunistic and beneficial as it can possibly be. This is due to the much higher graduate prospects that are available to those who complete college rather than getting a job straight out of high school. Through two-year or four-year institutions, those belonging to a college will stereotypically come out having been offered valuable opportunities and experiences.

With such a broad range of classes available, it is effortless to get carried away with what you’d like to study over the course of time you spend studying. From Writing to Law, there really are too many to choose from. Therefore, I would recommend taking your time and picking only those you feel as though you could engage with and achieve some sort of career with. Employers will be looking for the most unique content within job applications, so stating that you participated in the course of the Art of Walking at Centre College may seem bizarre; however, the more relevant you make this to your ideal career, the more unique and appealing you become to them.

Apply for a Scholarship

One of the aspects of college that is significantly daunting is discovering a way to fund your experience there. As tuition fees are required upon arrival, unless you already have the money available to you, then you really do have to rethink your application to these specific institutions. This is a shame, but it’s, unfortunately, the way things work out.

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That is unless you choose to attend a community college or even apply for a scholarship to help fund your dream college experience. By following the community college route, you can usually save thousands of dollars (compared to attending private or public colleges); however, the curriculum is often more limited and shorter than other college types, meaning you won’t be offered the same opportunities or career prospects.

One of the funding routes you can take to profit from an astounding educational and college experience is applying for scholarships. They provide generous support towards your future and appear noteworthy to future employers, especially as an institution has taken their interest in you and your obvious talents. One example of an ideal scholarship includes the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation.

So, if you’re in your final year of high school and preparing to part from your friends and home comforts, then why not consider the college route? Not only will you be offered a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but you are also guaranteed to meet new people with the potential to form relationships for life. With the support from scholar foundations, wherever you choose to study, you will not regret it.


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