apache revolver

History: The Apache Gun Revolver

This distinctive Swiss Knife of weapon's is known as the Apache Gun Revolver, also referred to as the Apache Knuckle Duster Pepperbox Antique French Revolver and it was designed and patented...
holus scam

3D Holograms in your home by Holus – A scam?

Recently, we posted an article about a new awesome device you can place on your tabletop and make your games three dimensional, called Holus. Unfortunately, it has come to our attention...
holus demo

Holus: Interactive Tabletop 3D “Holographic” Display

We haven't seen Star Wars like holograms in real life, until now that is. A brand new device called the Holus is aiming to change that. Important: Please read our update regarding...
bread cutting

Bake Your Bread While Cutting It

Ever wanted to toast bread while cutting it? It's from the future! There’s a scene in the 2005 The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie where a lightsaberish bread knife is not...