grapehene shoes

Graphene is a wonder-material that has revealed exceptional properties in experimentation, stunning scientists with its superconducting and superstrength properties. Now, it’s also the leading ingredient in an upcoming commercial line of sneakers.

Graphene and Running shoes have been made for one another. One is at all times searching for the newest gimmick and the other has produced some of the most stunning in recent memory. The University of Manchester, long a leading force in research surrounding the wonder, one-atom-thick material, has teamed up with a well known British sportswear brand called inov-8 to bring graphene to footwear.

Unlike a lot of the research we have seen around science’s recent favourite miracle material, this stuff is headed to the market in our lifetimes — a seeming miracle in and of itself. In fact, they are due out in the coming next year, priced at a steep, but not utterly unreasonable, £140 and £150 (approx $185 – $200 ).

There are no miracles present in this particular implementation, however the graphene ought to make the kicks more flexible and a hell of a lot stronger than conventional trainers. Graphene, after all, is the thinnest material around and about 200 times stronger than steel. The researchers heated it and added tiny particles to the sneaker’s soles.

graphene shoes
Graphene, already a rockstar in the world of material science, and we are now starting to see how it will shake things outside the lab

“When added to the rubber utilized in inov-8’s G-Series footwear, graphene imparts all its properties, including its strength,” university reader Dr. Aravind Vijayaraghavan stated in an announcement tied to the shoes. “Our distinctive formulation makes these outsoles 50% stronger, 50% more stretchy and 50% more resistant to wear than the corresponding industry standard rubber with out graphene.”

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At the very least, it is a fairly strong way of standing out in a clothing category that’s increasingly fixated on innovation, from Nike’s self-tying sneakers to Adidas’s 3D-printed ones.

Manchester researchers have long discussed graphene’s potential role in wearables. Along with all the aforementioned super powers, it is also transparent and more conductive than copper — all great potential traits for the next era of electronics. The varsity recently demonstrated the ability to print the material for sensors, as well, which means that these sneakers are seemingly just the beginning of something a lot larger.


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