Safedome – A credit card sized gadget to secure your wallet

Conveniences such as credit cards, debit cards, emails, and smartphones come with an inherent risk of identity theft. If the credit or debit card is lost or stolen, the person who finds it or steals it, can easily make use of it till they it gets reported and blocked. Similarly, emails can be hacked or compromised. Crucial information can be extracted from emails and used in a way that is detrimental to the interests of the person whose email it is or was. Some even go so far as impersonating the person whose identity is stolen. Such crimes require new ways to prevent them. Safedome is one such effective tool that can help prevent identity theft.

What is Safedome?

We were given a sample of Safedome to test out for this review [We are giving it away, and you can win it! Update: Safedome just told us they would like to give a brand new device to the winner! See the end of this article for details]. Basically it is a well thought out gadget, a device, the size of a credit card and it has some cool technology integrated in it. The thing that surprised us most was the thickness of the card. It is as thick as a normal credit card! The battery, LEDs, microcontroller, antenna and button have all been packed inside a water resistant casing in this thin card.

InsideTheSafedomeCard bk

It connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth. If the wallet (or bag) containing this card is lost or stolen, then the card issues a warning to the smartphone so that appropriate measures can be taken immediately. It also tells you the last known location of the card. Quite often people do not realize when they lose their purse or wallet, and it is only after a considerable amount of time has passed that they become aware of this. The card and cell phone are integrated using Safedome software. When the distance between the two exceeds a specified distance, then the alert is given on the cell phone. The built in battery may last a couple of years!

safedome app

Another security feature possible with Safedome app is the Safedome Identity feature. It regularly scans a database containing thousands of breached credentials, monitoring any email addresses you have entered in the app. If the email is found on the breached database, Identity informs you and requests you to take action. Emails can also be scanned manually by tapping the ‘Manual Scan’ button in the app. One of editors did find her email in the database. Upon further investigation, we found that one of the forum that the particular editor visits had been hacked and all the passwords were leaked in another forum! Hence the app saved her some frustration (she says the passwords were only used on some forums, and no other data was at risk. This is the reason we suggest to use good password managers and/or use different passwords for all your logins).

wallet black bgThe card can currently be bought from the Safedome website and it retails for $49. Currently it is only available for customers in the US and Australia. It comes with 12 months of customer support, available 24/7. According to their website

We’ll help you if you become a victim of fraud, but we’ll also help if you lose your passport, your driver’s license, or anything else you need to keep moving.

The people behind Safedome specialize in remediation, restoration and recovery – things you’ll need help with if your identity or accounts are ever compromised – and can help you with everything from paperwork to contacting your bank.

We did not get a chance to get any actual support, but we did call a couple of times at different hours and always got connected to a real human within seconds.

win safedome

Get a chance to win the Safedome card using the gleam widget below. Competition will end on 17th Feb, 2016. Winner will be emailed.

Competition has ended and the winner has been announced 🙂

Safedome Giveaway by GadgTecs


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