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2 smart wearable Dittos by SimpleMatters

Review: Meet Ditto – A cool & smart wearable bluetooth device

When I received a sample of Ditto (Sold by Dittowearable.com/ - Now also available at Amazon for $39.95) to test it for a day from my editor at GadgTecs, I must say that I...
Good old times, when the ads weren't dangerous

Ads use inaudible sound to link your PC, smartphone, TV & tablets

A couple of years ago, some German scientists created a proof of concept to see if it was possible for data to jump across the air gap, using inaudible high frequency audio waves. "Using nothing more than...

Virtual Reality can now make you ‘feel’

Virtual reality has been a very long time coming, however probably the most notable strides have come in the past few years. Oculus has led a revitalization in Virtual Reality tech, the development of which...
Battelle dronedefender

A New Rifle Shoots Down Drones Without Bullets

One would have to be quite an expert marksman to shoot a drone out of the sky with a traditional rifle. Firing a bullet with a diameter of around 7 mm and hitting an airborne drone from...
Black and Blue RunPhones

Review: Revolutionary Headphones – The SleepPhones & RunPhones

As technology freaks and audiophiles, we have gone through probably a hundred different headphones. Many people use earphones every day. Yet if you were to ask them, or at least us, what is the...
self-balance hoverboard

Reviews: The E-Blade Self Balance Board

In recent months, the popularity of the self-balance scooter (or the Segway hoverboard as the cool kids call them) has exploded with an array of celebs including the Biebs, Brooklyn Beckham, and even a...

World’s Cheapest Computer – 9$

The Raspberry Pi popularized the idea of the micro-PC with a compact and a very  low cost computer. Now a brand new participant, Next Thing‘s CHIP, joins the race to construct the world’s cheapest...